Send hexdumps copied from Tcpdump/Wireshark. Save the hexdump in a file and give it to hexend to send it on an interface. Useful for repeating a specific captured frame, instead of making a PCAP playback or trying to recreate it using tools like Nemesis or EasyFrames. It’s also possible to write the frame by hand if you so wish.

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Using Hexend

The input may only contain hexadecimal characters and whitespace.

Send a frame from file to eth0. Repeats until stopped.

hexend eth0 my_frames/frame.hex

Send a frame from file, repeat 10 times and suppress output

hexend eth0 my_frames/frame.hex -c 10 -q

Pipe file contents to input, repeat 5 times with 0.1 second interval

cat my_frames/frame.hex | hexend eth0 -c 5 -i 0.1

Pipe raw string to input, repeat 1000 times with no interval

echo ffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaa0000 | hexend eth0 -c 1000 -i 0


If you just want a simple alternative to this you can use a script like

cat $2 | xxd -r -p | socat -u STDIN interface:$1

that will behave like Hexend regarding the input, but doesn’t support any flags. Looping this is also inefficient for sending at low intervals.